Unleash the Talent Economy

Unleash the Talent Economy

On-Demand is the next work revolution


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The Old Way to Manage CX is Evolving

Our blueprint provides you with insight and critical instructions on how to improve CX in evolving work culture by exploring the potential of on-demand expertise.

  • Source specialized talent
  • Augment your workforce, improve CX,
  • Take a fresh approach to workforce management in 2022



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What the Experts are Saying. 

Vinay Gupta

“It’s important for BPOs to invest in Gig capability and bring it up to a level where they can offer start offering it to their clients.”

           Vinay Gupta, Senior Expert          McKinsey & Company

Stephen Loynd

“Done right, in the correct settings, the on-demand CX model has the potential to positively impact future customer service strategies.”

        Stephen Loynd, Principal Analyst TrendzOwl & Company

Mahesh Raghuram

Gig CX is all about meeting the needs of the customers. It’s not just for in-house teams or BPOs to build this flexibility. There could be multiple ways of achieving the right solution.”

                  Mahesh Raghuram,                                 Director of Customer Service       NewAge Products